Influencer Success Academy

Want the proven roadmap to FINALLY grow your following & actually make money on social media - while avoiding burn out, frustration, and confusion?

Become an influencer, build a highly-engaged audience, get more paying brand deals, and become influential online ...without having to waste your time trying things that just don't work.


Imagine If... could make $1k, $5k, 10k, + ... on social media for doing what you are already doing and representing brands you really believe in. were able to attract your ideal brands who have products and causes that you believe in. knew how to reach out to brands and get paid what you deserve without fear of rejection or coming off like an ammature. were able to help more people find products and events that would change their life, and you got thankyou DM’s on a daily basis. were able to become highly influential online, create buzz around whatever you want, and become the GO-TO influencer in your niche.

And... were able to create compelling stories and posts that ACTUALLY INFLUENCE, people to buy from you without a moment's hesitation. were able to MASTER the art of ATTRACTION MARKETING, so you never seem like you are pushing products on people. were able to FINALLY stop sitting on the sidelines and wasting your time, while everyone else and their MOM becomes an influencer who is taking home a paycheck . constant mentorship and guidance for whenever you feel “stuck” in your influencer journey - and you never had to feel alone / overwhelmed.


Want to make this your reality? 

Influencer Success Academy is your blueprint to achieve all of this, and more.

Join Influencer Success Academy $85

"Go for it 100%, because right now the micro-influencer industry is still it! It's where it is at. Honestly, sometimes I'm upset because I am no longer in that category, because that is really where the money is at"

Interview on The Skinny Confidential

"I think Influencer marketing is going to have a golden era of a decade and we're still at the very beginning of it. I'm VERY fond of it."

Gary Vaynerchuk
Vayner Media, #1 sought after Marketing Expert


Your Blueprint to Becoming a Successful Influencer

Influencer Success Academy (ISA) is a 6-week, step-by-step course that helps you grow your following and finally make the money you deserve using social media.


Regardless of your experience, number of followers, or current level of influence… ISA is here to give you the blueprint to grow your engaged audience, land paying brand deals, and grow your impact and income to the level you deserve. All without buying followers, or wasting time on things that just plain don't work.


On top of that... we’re here to YOU  into a SUCCESSFUL INFLUENCER.


When you join, you’ll be immersed into a supportive community of other students who are here to grow, learn, influence, and improve. You start ISA as a student…. But you finish as Team.


You’ll learn absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know (content planning, advanced caption creation, social media growth, attraction marketing, sales secrets, productivity hacks, systems and software mastery, and more) through our detailed curriculum.


Each week, you’ll be given access to a new module to complete (along with assignments, downloadable 20 page workbook, and a group success call) - and by the end of the 6-weeks, you’ll have a full system set up to attract your ideal paid brand deals and negotiate rates with ease.


And if you run into any questions or feel ‘stuck & overwhelmed’, we’ve got you! Inside ISA, you will find a community of people willing to help and encourage you along the way. The weekly live training is where breakthroughs happen and the tough challenges are solved by our experts! 


Anytime you need help, simply post in our private support community, or post questions before our weekly group coaching calls, held by our founder. Customized, on-demand mentorship is always available.

And that's not all.... when you join ISA, we will help you track your progress, get un-stuck, stay productive, and stay accountable. 


We make it pretty hard to fail ;)

Influencer Success Academy is the perfect blend of EDUCATION, STRATEGY, SUPPORT & ACTION….


And that’s why we consistently help people become SUCCESSFUL INFLUENCERS.



What people are saying:

Is This You?

👉You're frustrated, overwhelmed, and really have no idea where to start or what to do to be a successful influencer.

👉You are frustrated and can not  grow your audience. Maybe, you’ve had a few new followers (mostly due to luck) but can’t figure out how to take your growth to the next level.

👉You have built a good following but can’t seem to consistently land paying brand deals. 

​👉You love sharing and posting, but feel lost/overwhelmed when it comes to monetization and growth side of social media.

👉You want to leverage your time and freedom by creating an income from your social media. You want the option to work from wherever, go on vacations when you want, quit your job (if you want to), and choose your own hours.

​👉You want to grow a profitable engaged audience and become someone with a voice, but you don't know how to create compelling content that actually says something meaningful, and grows your social media pages effectively. 

 👉You’re not sure how to position yourself online as an influencer, stand out from the crowd, and sell with confidence & realness.

If any of the statements above describe YOU….

Influencer Success Academy will be the perfect solution for you.


30 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We know our systems work, and we want to make sure that you feel 100% confident that you're making a wise purchase.

I'm In!

How Does It Work?


No more wasting time with things that don't work - simply follow our step-by-step blueprint, do the work, ask questions, and watch the magic happen.


We hold weekly group video calls to give customized, in-depth coaching when you need it. Daily support is also available anytime you post your questions in our private student Facebook group.


When you join ISA, you’ll be given access to 6 modules of the curriculum. It’s dripped out week-by-week along with your work books, so you have time to learn & implement before going onto the next step.


When you join ISA, you’re given lifetime access to the curriculum. Even after the 6-weeks of community support, the educational modules & resources will be here for you during every step of your journey.


When you join ISA, you'll be embraced by a culture of hardwork and authenticity. You will be completing assignments and modules as a team and tackling challenges together. The people who you go through the course with will be holding you accountable EVERY single week.


Being an Influencer can be lonely. But when you join the ISA  family, you’ll be warmly welcomed into an active community of other like-minded individuals who you can connect & mastermind with. You’ll be inspired, motivated, held accountable… and you’ll make friends for life.

What people are saying:

What's The Process?

WEEK 1: Foundations for Success

Your entire life will be flipped upside down (in a good way!) This is where we set up the foundation for everything that we will build upon. Learn how to maximize your time inside ISA and see results much faster. In Week 1, we start by setting your goals and breaking through any of your limiting beliefs. (Mindset is key!) We then do a heavy audit of your social presence and make sure that you look the part. You’ll understand the steps necessary to be successful, the best practices, how to read and understand contracts, legalities (not cute, but SO necessary), and gain clarity on what to focus on. We will jump inside the minds of your future audience and brand partners and reverse engineer your way to your goals. We go through the entire process of starting, growing, and scaling as an influencer.

WEEK 2: Social Media Mastery & Content Planning

In this section I will give you a behind the scenes into how Instagram and the algorithm REALLY work. Once you understand the “game” you will be able to easily identify how to “win”. We go over the current algorithm, the changes, and what actually works now, and also what no longer works! It is just as important to understand what not to do, as it is to understand what to do. We go over analytics, how to read them, and how utilize them for optimization.

The second half of week 2, we go over content creation and planning. I will give you my foolproof way to create killer content in no time, so that you avoid burnout and don’t feel like you need to spend hours a day to get this going. I give you my best hacks, must use softwares (with tutorials),and my formulas to create content that converts.

WEEK 3: Massive Growth 

In Week 3, you'll start growing your audience, filling it with your ideal followers. You'll learn how to impact lives and cultivate a community of raving fans. We'll teach you how to grow an engaged (and profitable) social media audience. You’ve probably realized that what use to work, doesn’t work anymore. We will go over the tactics that you need to be implementing and also providing the resources and groups to help you do this. We have both beginner and advanced methods, that have both organic and paid variations, to meet you where you are at and show you where to go. We will break down each tactic with tutorials, while simplifying and demystifying social media growth.

WEEK 4: Selling Made Simple 

Life is sales no matter how you cut it! If you’re afraid of sales or scared of sounding too “salesy” this section will completely change the game for you.  If you can't sell yourself or influence anyone, you can't grow as an influencer, bottom line. In Week 4, you’ll learn our fool-proof system for sales. We will teach you how to sell without “selling” - ie. attraction marketing. We will also unveil the secrets of Sales Psychology - you’ll understand exactly how and why people buy, so you can sell absolutely anything to anyone. Sell yourself, a follow, brands products, anything...


Get ready to get PAID! In Week 5, we’ll help you come up with your ideal price and rate sheet. We will create a beautiful and professional PR Kit using our templates. In Week 5, we share the same signature sales scripts we have used to close brand deals without feeling salesy, pushy, or weird. You'll feel confident about your offer, overcome feelings of doubt, and make it irresistible for brands to say YES to you. We will show you what not to do/say and what you MUST be doing/saying to brands.

We will also get you set up with Influencer Networks where brands hangout looking for influencers, as well as the BEST affiliate programs ( like Amazon) so that you can start earning money right away sharing the products that you already love.

WEEK 6: Learn From The Pros

This is my FAVORITE week! In Week 6, we take everything we learned and I teach you how to “hack” the Pros. We look at over 20 influencers who are the top of their game and we break down exactly what they are doing, how they are doing it, and how you can apply it to your own goals and strategy. This is a recap that takes everything you’ve learned and solidifies it with real life examples. This is what will set you up for success for years to come.


What's Included?

  • THE Proven Roadmap to Influencer Growth & Success
  • 6 week hands on training course with videos, audio, and full write ups (with lifetime access)
  • Weekly Guidebook/Checklist Downloads
  • Weekly LIVE group coaching calls with Erica and other students (with replay)
  • Over $499 dollars in software discounts
  • Email and PR Kit Templates
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • 24/7 Email Support Team

Meet Your Mentor & Influencer Marketing Expert


You’ve scrolled allllll the way to the bottom of this page, which means… you’re probably wondering “who is the genius who put this thing together?” ....You’re looking at her 😜

Hi! I'm Erica, and I founded The Daily Influencers for one simple reason: I saw far too many influencers struggling to make this work. They couldn’t grow, they couldn’t sell, and they couldn’t land or keep consistent PAYING brand deals.

If that sounds like you, you are not alone and it is not your fault. There is litterally NO ONE teaching this. Especially not anyone who is in the trenches like I was.



I’ve been working in digital marketing for over a decade. In that decade, I worked for the largest marketing firm in San Diego, CA. Working for fortune 500 companies, strategizing million dollar brand launches, and consistently hitting the presidents club. Successes which led me to start my own marketing agency in 2016.

But,The Daily Influencers wasn’t born until 2018, when I ACCIDENTALLY stumbled upon a major problem in influencer marketing…

Let me tell you a story real fast about how I was consistently outperforming “profesional” influencers that had over 1 million followers by more than 20x as much WITH JUST 12K followers and very little effort…

 Let me explain…



I was working on a major clients campaign and overseeing their influencer campaigns. We had hired over 150 influencers. Some we even paid thousands of dollars upfront.

When we started getting the numbers back, they weren’t good. Some of these big time influencers were not performing AT ALL.

Then there was lil’ ole me. I loved the product ,so I decided to post about it to my audience of 12,000 with a code. That way I could gift them a discount (but it also allowed me to track my performance).

I quickly became the #1 influencer in the entire campaign, and I wasn’t even trying. I was consistently outperforming multiple influencers who had over 1 million followers...



The campaign was not as successful as we hoped, because the influencers simply had no idea what they were doing, and the client wasn’t happy. *Que Freak Out*

I needed to figure out how to turn this campaign around and get these influencers performing. So, I decided to make a few training videos to teach what I was doing, so that the influencers that I hired were equipped to perform.

After my first training video their sales skyrocketed and they even started to see their engaged audience growing as well. They started asking for more and more training videos.



I hired influencers. They were not performing because they had never been trained (totally not their fault). I trained them. They started to see major results. They kept asking for more, so I decided to really put some energy behind research, strategy, and systems. Thus The Daily Influencers was born.

You see, I had the unique perspective of being an influencer and also working on the brand side. I was actually able to see the data on the backend of every single influencer campaign and every single influencer. I could use the data to see what was and wasn’t working.

As I began to look more into this, and kept seeing influencers really struggling. 

👉So, I put together a comprehensive program to teach the influencers that I was hiring my signature methodology that has allowed me to have the most successful influencer campaigns for my clients — The very systems that have allowed me to land 5 figure deals with less than 13k followers.

In the last 2 years, I realized that there are millions of influencers and aspiring influencers that had the same problems and struggles… It became my mission to help every influencer achieve the same successes that I had helped so many others achieve.

Listen - It took me years to figure this out. I researched data on thousands of influencers, I studied the industry, I tested out methods, and it doesn’t have to be that hard. I know you’ve been trying all kinds of methods and “hacks” and you can’t seem to catch a break. It’s not you, it’s just simply the lack of proper knowledge and information available.

That’s where I come in! Let me mentor you to become a successful influencer. Your future is counting on you to take action. Don’t let another year go by without growing your social and learning how to create a stable income from your social platforms.

Are you are ready to create an engaged audience and a profitable social media platform in the next 6-weeks...


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