Learn How to Land PAYING Brand Deals and Have EVERY Brand Saying "YES" to Work With YOU...

"Before completing this course, I was getting denied by every brand I reached out to and most of the time i would not even get a response. Since I have completed the course, I have been contacted by 12 brands, and most were paid! And I only have 5,600 followers. Erica gave me the confidence o ask for what I deserve."

-Emily Martini

"Well, I had no idea what a Media Kit was, or a price sheet, or that I could even be making as much as I am. This was an eye opener. The templates were so helpful! I literally just dropped in my info. The pitch scripts were also a lifesaver! I would have never had the confidence or knowledge to know what to say to brands. If you want to be an influencer and make money you need this course."

-Alexa Brookes

Imagine if.. could make $1k, $5k, 10k, + ... on social media for doing what you are already doing and representing brands you really believe in. were able to attract your ideal brands who have products and causes that you believe in. knew how to reach out to brands and get paid what you deserve... without fear of rejection or coming off like an ammature. were able to help more people find products and events that would change their life, and you got thankyou DM’s on a daily basis. were able to become highly influential online, create buzz around whatever you want, and become the GO-TO influencer in your niche

And... were able to create compelling stories and posts that ACTUALLY INFLUENCE, people to buy from you without a moment's hesitation. were able to MASTER the art of ATTRACTION MARKETING, so you never seem like you are pushing products on people. were able to FINALLY stop sitting on the sidelines and wasting your time, while everyone else and their MOM becomes an influencer who is taking home a paycheck . constant mentorship and guidance for whenever you feel “stuck” in your influencer journey - and you never had to feel alone / overwhelmed.

Want to make this your reality?

EVERYONE can make money on social media, but most don't.


Most people don't know the reality of what brands are looking for and expect.


Fortunately for you, I have the proven roadmap and strategy...


Learn how to land paying brand deals and have every brand saying yes to work with you...

30+ Video Training Modules

(Over 8 hours of video)

The course has 30+ training modules and over 8 hours of video content! Each module I explain and teach the strategy, show you examples, and show you how to do it. Each Module also has the entire training in written form for those of you who prefer visual learning.

LIFETIME ACCESS + all updates

We update the course with algorithm changes and any new strategies ALL THE TIME! You will have lifetime access to all of the updates with alerts so you are in the know before everyone else.

Private Facebook Group Access

The Private Facebook Group is a place to connect with me, my team, other experts, influencers, and alumni students. Ask questions, get answers, collaborate, and stay up to date with updates and exclusive content.

PLUS ... 9 new bonuses!

Bonus #1:

Media Kit Course

A must! A media kit in the blogger/influencer world is a document that highlights key information and statistics about your blog and brand that a company would be interested in. You provide a media kit to brands you want to work with as a way to introduce yourself and show them why partnering with you would be beneficial to their company and goals/objectives.

Bonus #2:

Rates & Pricing Course

Pricing yourself as an influencer can be extremely difficult. We guide you through the process and help you create a rate sheet with an assortment of different offerings and bundles.

PLUS: Full tutorial on how to create a custom rate sheet in Canva.

Bonus #3:

Pitch Email Templates

If you're waiting around for brands to reach out to you, you're missing out. ALL OF THE PROS pitch brands. Inside of the downloads you will see multiple folders with pitch templates that you can edit to use as your own. 

These will not only save you countless hours but help you create and send pitch emails that no one can say no to!

Bonus #4:

Affiliate Marketing Course

 Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

THE BEST PART, these programs are generally open. Meaning you don't need to wait for collaborations to earn some money from your favorite brands.
This is a great addition to brand collaborations and allows you to earn money from EVERYTHING you might recommend to anyone.

Bonus #5:

20+ Opt In Networks 

There are a lot of Databases, Softwares, and Networks that brands and agencies like ours, use to find influencers. These databases do not have YOU in them unless they have: personally added you, you have opted in, or a brand has added you. Not all of them are opt in, meaning you won't be able to add yourself, but some are - so let's add you so that you can be found by brands that are searching for influencers like you.
Once you sign up and fill out your profile, you can now be found by brands and if they want to work with you they can reach out to you!

Bonus #6:

Negotiation Strategies


Just because you send your rate sheet doesn’t mean the brand will take those prices at face value. Be prepared for the brand to negotiate your rates.
I go over how to pad your rates for negotiation, negotiation tactics, and common negotiations in order to maximize your value so that you get paid what you're worth!
BONUS, bonus: I teach you insider influencer Marketing Knowledge so that you can look like the pro to brands in the module called "Flex Your Influencer Marketing Knowledge"

Bonus #7:

Reading Contracts


Brands will oftentimes send out contracts, and most people have no idea what they are reading... 
The devil is in the details. I would hate for anyone to get stuck in something they didn't realize. Companies can be very sneaky or ask for a lot, knowing most people won't read the entire thing.
I go over all of the different things that might be in your contract and help you understand them so you know what to watch out for.

Bonus #8:

Beware of Influencers Scams

Unfortunately, there are influencer scams. I want to make sure none of you fall prey to that. I break down a scam, go over the red flags to look out for, and also provide a list of all scam companies that we are aware of.

Bonus #9:

Press Tab for Bloggers

 This is kind of like an online media kit, but with assets to make it easy to get EVER MORE press.

Let's say that you just wrapped up a super successful campaign. 
You're thrilled, but when it starts to pick up a bit of media attention, it becomes very clear that you're unprepared. 
Not anymore! Let's get you a Press Tab!



Or 3 monthly payments of $99 here

Normally $397 

YES! I need this!

Does this sound like you?

👉"I don't have any brands reaching out to me. I have no idea how to be more visible and get interest from brands"

👉"I am getting crickets. I reach out to brands and I get nothing back. It's starting to get really frustrating"

👉"I didn't even know pitching was a thing! What's a media kit? What's a rate sheet?"

👉"I haven't reached out to a brand because I have no idea what to say or where to start. I really just need some direction"

👉"I've heard that brands will work with micro-influencers like me, but I don't have the confidence to ask for money or show my worth"

👉"I wish I knew what brands wanted to see and hear. I have no idea if what I am doing is right. But I know one thing, I am not where I want to be"

"I just got approved for Amazon Influencer Program! Who knew I could earn money from everything on Amazon. I was mind blown. This course is going to allow me to go full time influencer for sure. I finally feel comfortable talking about money and understanding my value when talking to brands."

-Jax Lund

Imagine being able to have the confidence and the skills to reach out to the brands that will pay YOU the big bucks.


You know exactly how to write your emails and have your media kit and rates already done.


You know what to expect during negotiation and you always get paid what you're worth.


Not only do you have a pitch strategy but, you're now in all the right places to have brands reach out to you!


You're supplementing your brand deals with affiliate marketing and earning commissions on all of your favorite products.


You are able to turn this idea into a side hustle, and this side hustle into a full time living.




💰"I was able to finally turn a gifted collab into a paid collab"

💰"I never used to charge for posts and now I am getting paid for every single post I do for a brand."

💰"I just landed another paid deal using the pitch templates"

💰"I just signed my biggest deal yet"

💰"I just got my first check from"

💰"I love that I can make money from anything on Amazon"




See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

There are a lot more where these came from... but the only testimonial that REALLY matters, is the one that YOU will have...

Social Media Growth

Meet Erica Marie Daily,

Social Media & Influencer Marketing Expert

Founder, The Daily Influencers Inc.

I’m a Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing expert. I have worked with hundreds of your favorite brands and thousands of influencers over the years... in those years I kept seeing people struggling with the same things.

After a decade spent growing brands, and helping our influencers be more successful, I know exactly how frustrating it can be to try and figure this out on your own, working day and night to keep up. 
There is so much BAD information out there! Afterall, no one wants to give away their best secrets! However, in my case; when our brands and influencers are successful, we are successful! It is a win/win/win for everyone.
Over the last few years I have hired thousands of influencers and seen even more "pitches" from influencers. I've seen the great, the good, the okay, the bad, and the horrible pitches.
I know what brands are looking for and expect.
It’s time for you to decide what you really want this year. Maybe it's more money, guilt-free shopping splurges, more time freedom, more impact.. whatever it is.
Or spend more time doing what it is you really love, whether that’s time with your family, learning how to finally play the guitar, vacationing around the globe and/or never missing your favorite barre class - you decide.

Just know that whatever you want is within your reach right now...

"I really needed guidance and this was exactly what I was looking for. I didn't know where to start, or even how much to ask for. I didn't have confidence and I was not reaching out to brands because of it. This was everything I was looking for and more."

-Nikki Durham

"Since taking this course I landed my biggest brand deal ever! I couldn't believe they accepted. I tripled my prices like Erica said and they didn't even question it. I never thought that I could earn $1,500 from a single brand deal with as little followers as I have. Thank you so much Erica, this is life changing for me and my family."

- Janet Atepes

"This has truly been a game changer for my blogging career. I am now making a lot more money from affiliate networks and also pitching brands deals and actually getting them. Just last week I signed for 2 $500 deals. I used a lot of the negotiation tactics from the course and it helped tremendously. The templates were amazing."

-Annabel Clark 

"I just got the course a few days ago and I watched all of the videos and now I am going back through a second time. I already reached out to a brand and we are going to collaborate. I am so excited! This course is amazing!"

- Joseph Ritzarrio


  • Ready to get paid from brands and stop just taking gifted trades
  • Want someone to guide you through the process
  • Need a little confidence boost to send that first pitch out
  • Can't seem to figure out what you're missing
  • Done making excuses and wasting time
  • Sick of seeing it happen for  everyone else, and you're ready for it to happen for you
  • Willing to put in some study time, overhaul your socials, and start implementing proven strategies that save you time!
Get Access to Land The Brand$ for Only $247!


It won't last for long!

 Was $397 

What’s standing in the way of you finally making money your social media accounts and reaching that "influencer" status?
I know that sending emails and getting nothing back is frustrating. No one wants to get rejected or worse -- ignored! That is why I'm teaching you the insider secrets of what brands are actually looking for and expect. You will have the confidence to ask for what you deserve and know what to say.
This is a special offer AT $247 and will be going up in price soon. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.
YES, I want this!


Can I find this information for free online?

You can find a lot of information online. Bad information, confusing information, information that skims the surface. You will not find anything like what I teach online for free.

Is it really worth it?

 It's worth a lot more! In fact a single brand deal will usually earn your money back right away! I made this SUPER affordable so that no one had think twice about purchasing it. Social Media growth is important, skip a few lattes if you need to.

What if I don't understand?

We have an amazing support system! Not only can you reach directly out to Erica and the team via email at any time, you can also ask in our private Facebook Group for help!

What if I have no followers?

You don't need a ton of followers to be a paid influencer. Micro-influencers (1,000 - 10,000 followers) are the most sought after influencers right now and they are making bank!

What if I am not Tech-savvy?

That is exactly why each module have tutorials and explanations on how to do everything I teach. The course software is super easy to use and very user friendly!

Where do I access the worksheets?

You can download all of the worksheets to use however you like. However, I suggest and show you how to use them within your Google Drive.

Will this work for me?


If you apply the teachings and test each strategy we will absolutely find the strategies that work best for YOU. That is the difference between this program and every other one on the market. We truly teach you what works for YOU SPECIFICALLY, all based on actual data.